LIFA Logistik GmbH

Addition to the LIFA fleet

The fleet continues to grow. We present you our new Tautliner in a brand new design.

We stock up!

Growth for LIFA fleet! Yesterday we were allowed to pick up our new Tautliner. The trailer is 13.6m long and has an Edscha roof, which allows loading and unloading not only from the side, but also from above, for example. via crane is possible. Thanks to the full equipment and reinforced truck sides (Code XL), we are well prepared for cargo securing.

What does Code-XL mean?

When people talk about Code-XL, they are referring to the reinforced truck bodies. The two side walls can withstand 40%, the stin wall 50% and the rear wall 30% of the vehicle’s payload (mass of the total possible load).

A world full of perspectives

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